Positive Answers!

1581282008_efdbac470f_mMay 28, 2009
The power of the negative is the ‘demon of illusion’. The negative demon controls one from seeking answers in the light of the direction that serves the blessings and truths that always await, but for the stopping and trying to work ones way through the quagmire of the swamps of life. As in the great movie ‘Network’, there is a time (NOW) to stop, saying you’ve had enough, change directions and, move toward the answers!

The ‘negative’ is a ‘quick sand’ of life and all love’s treasures. The mind that has accepted the negative as ‘all of reality’ is in delusion. To be deluded by the negative is to consistently convince oneself that all is ‘shit’ and maybe it’ll change tomorrow, at best.
Nothing is going to change unless you change directions toward the light. The light means to check out all the positives from minor to major that move one in a new direction.

Patience for results from the change of direction is critical. Rare is that which changes overnight! The ‘journey’ on the new direction needs to be looked at as fun and exciting by rewarding the mind with a good feeling of each small step even when no results seem apparent. Progress usually happens invisibly until one day the ‘light’ seems more visible.

Don’t just ‘believe’ changes can be made, ‘know it’, because it’s true and, others are living proof even if it’s not known to you. Let vision and hope be a catalyst to move you in the new direction but, be open to the reality of what comes and turning it into advantages be it even a negative barrier. Use the ‘negative’ as a means to use it for answers to convert to a positive direction.

Always use the ‘positive’ as a converter of the negative. The ‘negative’ comes as a challenge to overcome, so face it, use it, convert it into the positive. Spend that energy formerly used on the solutions to negative that didn’t seem to work focusing, with passion, on the positive more and more by passing the negative, which may only be a ‘vampire of the positive’. The choice is one of two – accept negativity or, ‘accept only the positive, while not ignoring the negative’! (stream of consciousness)

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