Fake It

2383187428_0113d43542_mMay 29, 2009
Fake it ‘til you make it! One of the great secrets of life can change your life however, choose carefully what you decide to fake, take smiles for example. A smile is worth a thousand words just as a picture is worth a thousand words. Think about that time when walking down the street and an unexpected smile comes from a stranger passing by! Didn’t it create a feeling of warmth and happiness. Often people can’t find reasons to smile, but there are!

Wherever you go reach in and bring up that smile and watch the response compared to what it was before. Smiles are a form of giving particularly to those that need the touch of love to make their day brighter. Giving requires very little energy, just the choice to give that unexpected gesture of a smile. What one receives back doesn’t matter, the receiver may be caught off guard and will feel the smile only after you pass.

Faking a smile can become internalized making a smile grow within ‘til it can’t be stopped. A smile can lead to a feeling of laughter and happiness at the most unexpected moments where ‘seriousness’ once reigned. Smile at yourself and soon the heart will begin to open more with a sense of love for life even with it’s many challenges. Look for reasons to smile everywhere. Giving begins with smiling both to everyone and, especially to yourself.

Smile… it can’t be that bad! What other ways are there to give so much that only takes a second? Rich or poor, no matter where one is, a smile is a gift to give. Think of the newborn baby and without any purpose a smile will come and fill your heart. If a new born can do it, be like a child and give a smile for no reason. Happiness is a choice; fake it ’till you make it if you have to; and pay attention to the words you say…you may change someone’s life. Give the gift!

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