Letting Go of Jesus?

3324321258_823875648d_sMay 27, 2009
If it’s working for you and, you don’t proselytize, why not? No need to look further! Or, is there? Truths have a ‘trickle down effect’ such that most never get it or, it’s there in plain sight but ‘invisible’ for personal reasons to each. Is Jesus the only answer? Are you better off with Jesus or, on some other path to truth? Any doubts about Jesus need to be examined now, before the end!

A little background on where I come from: I was raised as a happy sunday school, church going child in small town America. From earliest memories through teen years, my moments in the church were pleasurable and, continued when meeting and falling in love with ‘the minister’s daughter’ in my late teens. Then a strange phenomenon happened as our love deepened – Jesus disappeared! Not that he wasn’t still there but the skies opened to new insights into a ‘godliness’ that each of us had never known.

Both of us came from totally, non trauma childhoods where love and attention were abundant. In essence, and to our surprise, we out grew a need for Jesus, in a sense we were ‘saved from Jesus’! One insight from this experience, upon reflection, is that each person, who wasn’t as blessed with total love and understanding, needs to focus on methods to heal the wounds totally. Healing emotional/mental wounds is possible!
Always look at wounds as ‘blessings’ in disguise to deepen the understanding and compassion for life’s insights and, as assets in helping others to heal too.

It may seem like a scary, frightening step into the unknown to move beyond ‘religious crutches’ that have helped one in the darkest of nights but, there is light beyond that fills one’s soul. New information has been revealed and is trickling down to reveal that the ‘Jesus Story’ as well as most of the biblical stories have been around in different cultures long before Jesus. In essence, it’s a borrowed story! Valuable, but to a point, when the fortunate can see beyond religious stepping stones. God, which is life, requires tuning in and turning on to love and it’s infinite manifestations. Now is the time to unfold your own myth! (stream of consciousness)
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