Blankety Blank#2?^%*#

3155847972_c00cbbd632_mMay 26, 2009
Do you need ‘healthy pest control’ for the nonsense that floats in your mind oblivious to your inner self’s wishes? Cold hearts and busy minds are to be avoided no matter the cost. A cold heart is a blank heart runneth over by the mind of gibberish much ado about nothing, when the story has been told.

The heart is a toilet for the mind to those that ignore the heart that fills with nothing but mental garbage. The mind is always being insatiable for more surface self serving ‘pitter patter’ of spinning facts that only escapes it’s prison by poisoning the heart. Looking for love in all the wrong places, really means in any room in the mind that gasps for feelings of the heart. The mind that doesn’t position itself in communication with the heart is the mind that gets lost in itself and always feeling complaints.

The heart has eyes, ears, and feelings that interprets the finer, higher qualities in life. The heart is a stimulus and yet, a filter for the mind to not give meaning and soul to life’s mysteries. The mind alone thinks the heart is just a glob of pumping blood instead of something that adds deep and, ‘heartfelt’ meaning to life. The mind never escapes from that which it wants to. The ‘escape means’ is found in the heart that releases judgments and gives out ‘feeling words’ of compassion and understanding.

Life is a curse of swimming upstream without the full, healthy participation of the heart. Side effects of a mind with a clogged, cold heart are colored by negativity, fears and, self doubts. Everyday is a new ‘birthday’’ for those that move to the riches of the heart. Nurturing of the heart prevents it’s fatal expressions that ignores love’s many blessings. Living from the heart of awareness is to reach to life’s highest pinnacles.

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