Dyslexic Love

3233605562_8cfc08f640_mMay 24, 2009 Dyslexia is a specific reading disability due to a defect in the brain’s processing of graphic symbols. Dyslexia is a learning disability that alters the way the brain processes written material. Also, the ability to feel love in strong degrees is thwarted in most people by lack of prior experienced love, unresolved traumas, and general continuing misinterpretation of what that ‘feeling’ is particularly, when ‘fears’ cloud the experience.

Love is a very mysterious phenomenon to those that have been conditioned from early childhood to see and feel activities that don’t reinforce comfort and a feeling of belonging, instead having feelings that engender fears of death, abandonment, and punishment. Parenting from parents who have developed their own self love is key. Circumstances surrounding conception, birth, and general positive attentiveness in early childhood create an inner map of response into and throughout adulthood. ‘Reading dyslexia’ can be readjusted to normal as can misinterpretations or, absence of love, although more challenging.

More and more, many disabilities stemming from childhood are being examined for solutions to correct to form clear and healthy experiences. Love is the most important feeling known to merge one harmoniously with life. Blocks to seeing love and it’s many qualities such as compassion, sensitivity, joy, bliss, empathy, sadness, grief and all positive feelings, are at varying degrees and levels in nearly everyone. To ‘see straight’ both from the mind and heart is not represented on a consistent basis for humanity in general. Then there is usually a resultant ‘biological’ interference with the heart and mind causing an inability to see and feel love apart from ‘biological’ needs.

In late teens and early adulthood, romantic experiences (or lack thereof) are frequently tethered to misinterpretations and misconceptions of the healthy expressions of love. Trauma gets lumped onto unresolved trauma, confusing the ability to see and feel love at it’s highest levels. Then there is the inappropriate invasion of old religion values and beliefs amounting to ‘guilt’ and fear, that are a mixed message of helpful and further destructive to the self realization of love and it’s permanent encounter with the individual.

Love needs to be experienced ‘full on’ at all moments of living to create an individual and collective consciousness in the world. Peace is not possible without adjusting and eliminating love’s blocks and the ‘dyslexia of love’

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