Flip Flop Lovin’

download3May 23, 2009
Love is like a good nourishing meal that one wants to keep coming back to. Eating fast foods takes care of one’s immediate needs but leaves one feeling a little empty, unsatisfied, and aware that it was convenient and, ‘cheap’. Flip-floppin’ through life is to miss the real goodies and blessings. On-again-off-again-on again-off-again, flip floppin’ around in circles and going no where!

Feeling happy then unhappy, etc., with anyone is either YOU or them creating it and, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure it out! It’s likely both of you are blocked in giving by a ‘resistance in the energy’ otherwise known as ‘unresolved issues’. Friendships and loves never stop when one is clear, at least in one’s own mind and heart. Those that are left out to pasture are really YOU leaving the discovery of the love and compassion within you ‘held back’.

Real friends and loves always keep the door of communication open as circumstances change, savoring the past moments that were so precious. Real love lasts forever, false, flip flop love seeks reasons to run, ignore, blame, fear, etc. One who ‘flip-flops’ fears closeness and the communication of that closeness. Past ‘trauma’ is no excuse for not acknowledging it, resolving it, and, apologizing for ones lack of communication and closeness which always occurs in these situations.

Flip-flopping has a beginning and an end without ever really having begun the best parts! Love, has no beginning and no end, as difficult as that may be for most to understand, it’s ‘real’. Flip-floppers can never change unless they find someone who doesn’t do the ‘on-off’ and, will accept open communication in all cases. That takes courage. The fear of ‘rejection’ is strong in those with unresolved fears but, must be faced to begin clearing the obstacles to inner freedom. Each is either their own worst enemy or best friend imaginable and, that inner best friend will send an energy out for another who feels the same. (stream of consciousness)

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