Dog’s Best Friend

2442597513_c5225e0779_m1May 21, 2009
Clearly ‘dogs best friend’ is ‘woman’ and however, arguably, man’s best friend is a dog as he can’t seem to move close to a woman without introducing ‘sex’ into the equation! Studies show that when it comes to intimate care of the dog, women are far more motherly. As man’s use in the world continues to diminish as women will enjoy more and more the company of dogs as well as children emanating from ‘sperm banks’.

Consciousness in a more enlightened world is seeping out of the cracks of a male dominated, violent world for the first time in recorded history. Man’s usefulness was mainly to keep production of humans continuing. Time has begun to reveal that sperm banks need few men to supply for hundreds of women much as fewer bulls are needed for cows to produce milk or calves. This reality also applies to chickens and roosters, where there are many chickens (females) to roosters.

Man once was needed for woman as a protector from dangerous animals, also however, man and his anger/violent nature has taken the place of dangerous animals. Man has outlived his position for the same kind of protection. Peace on the planet will slowly arrive as male population is reduced and the small percentage that is continually left will
have no need to live in frustration from lack of sex as they will be in great demand.

Ironically, women often have dogs to protect them from ‘stranger men’. When I do my morning ‘nite walks’, I never see a woman alone without a dog, I presume she just doesn’t get up at 4 am to walk the dog!

I’ve read where ancient man created the ‘god’ word as a result of being scorned by woman resulting in bonding with his dogs or, sheep. The pleasure was so great that to commemorate the dog, he turned around the letters and created a word to express his happiness. Apparently that’s the origin of the word ‘God’ and it’s meaning! Life and love has ‘nothing’ to do with the word God!

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