Friends and Motives

066May 20, 2009 Have been hanging out with my best friend everyday and,
having a great time – how about you? Friends are like eating from a box of
chocolates, with your eyes closed, never know what youll get! Actually,
stick with the box of chocolates! Seriously, friends come on all different
levels of connecting from the friend you say hi to, to the one that is bonded
to you under all circumstances.
It?s a lot about positioning friends either close or just as hello friends.
Being too close can create expectations that may not be forthcoming. Few
are even their own best friend and, will likely treat you no better than they
treat themselves. Value friends and value acquaintances, through discernment consider which
friends are better as acquaintances and which acquaintances are better as friends.
Be your own best friend ?rst and always ?nd solace in that as people come and go throughout
life ?lling the memories with joy and yet, sometimes with disappointment. Always know that
many have ?motives? for friendship and not all motives are bad, but
some will prove to amount to ?false friendships? once the motive, conscious or
unconscious, is ful?lled or, was an illusion anyway. The ?open of heart? with no
motives but sincere friendship, become vulnerable to what may amount to
?vulture friends? who pick at what satis?es them until they ?nd no more of what
that was.
Fair weather friends are as common as leaves on a tree that eventually turn
color and fall off. As one loves oneself more, attracting fair weather friends
becomes minimized.
Close friends are treasures to be valued. Lovers and relatives are best as
ongoing friends but, some become acquaintances or perhaps even strangers as
does happen with friends in general. Often friends are for a ?time and place? and,
open doors to gifts in the moment and, may pave the way to a very different
Divine friends are found in all the many qualities of love, be it compassion,
sensitivity, and all heartfelt blessings.

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