Medicate on Love

354052918_31a0aeab38_mMay 19, 2009
During these ‘medication times’ where the pharmaceutical companies are salivating over skyrocketing earnings by selling to people’s gullibility, it’s important to not forget the old fashion one that having enough of, would likely negate being drugged up. Love, on it’s many levels, could put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. ‘Drug stores’ are no longer the ‘corner drug store’ with the fountain offering sodas and ice cream.

Belief is a drug! Create ‘doubts and beliefs’ to sell to the vulnerable mind and, own it.
Love has nothing to do with belief as belief is merely a lagniappe or placebo to give to the
naive, unquestioning minds that look for ‘magic cures’ and solutions. Most minds seek the ‘feel good’ answer to relieve doubt, fear, and pains to hurriedly facilitate moving on to the next moment. The population is given ‘medically approved drugs’ with ‘side effect warning’ that are as unspecific as listening to the weatherman’s forecast a week in advance.

Running on fumes sooner or later needs another placebo to alleviate the same, paid in hope of seeing promises in the sky. Cure-all-drugs are supplanting religion as the answer to what ails one. The created dilemma manifested by the cocktail of drugs and religion creates a ‘new drug’ that exacerbates the problem further creating a looping scenario of ‘problem – reaction – solution’ – then the drug peddlers are happy again and again.

Love and meditation are best looked at as one and the same. Meditating or, loving are both healers of the mind, heart, and frequently the damage to the body done by the mind and heart. Love can be enhanced by the resonance of another like, tennis is much more enjoyable with a partner – especially one with similar skills and passions. Body building, gymnastics and track are essentially building skills alone as meditation builds love alone.

Check in to your local ‘Love Store’, er… guess that doesn’t make any money! If you have no idea what to do, focus on breathing deeper and paying attention to everything that is natural then, be discerning. Raise the level of love and, ‘self medicate’ the natural way!

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