Playing NFL Football

237783062_40a876c495_mMay 17, 2009
Did I enjoy my years playing with the Washington Redskins as a 6’ 3” 235 lb. tight end? On Wall St., I worked in account management for a financial firm with an ex famous pro ‘place kicker’ for the New York Giants, named Pete Gogolak. At the time, I appeared to look like a football player. Pete came up to me one day in the office and, said he remembered me playing for the Washington Redskins. Having a good sense of humor, I just put my hand on his shoulder and said with a smile, ‘you have a good memory’ as I quickly changed the subject.

Judgments with out the proper facts and/or, a personal spin on facts, true or not, can create unnecessary difficulty for those ‘imprinted with false, and sometimes libelous information. In it’s more dangerous manifestation, it can be a ‘frame up’ that can have life changing and perhaps disastrous consequences. More and more, we hear of ‘rush to judgment’ cases from minor ‘domestic violence scenarios’ to murder cases where the alleged ‘guilty one’ has been incarcerated for life only to be vindicated years later because of new technology called DNA testing.

How many lead their lives imprisoned in others perceptions of them that have little to do with the reality of things. The ‘football story’ was humorous as rumor word spread and, in a football fanatical society, people put their own impressions or positive judgments on the information without my ever confirming or denying the allegations. The ‘framed picture’ in others minds, can have ‘fun’ consequences or, disastrous ones. One in particular that began as fun, ended up being framed in more places than I can account for, incurring judgments that were a bit ‘uncomfortable’.

It all began in Venice Beach at my Center where I became involved with a most unusual girl who strangely, resembled me enough to look to be very related. As a joke,
the story began in a moment that, several months into our relationship, we discovered that our middle names were the same (true) and, in a ‘prankish moment’ we said we could be father and daughter to several people that day. Other than chuckling about it for a few days, we forgot about it, until a neighbor brought it up in disbelief. Even though we opted the truth out, the story grew as ‘rumors’ seemingly do, all over, ‘framing us into a picture that created much judgment. Clearly an innocent action that turned into implications beyond our imagination, all perception quickly lowered into judgment.

Examining situations from all angles, searching for the truth is imminently only second to the deep inner knowing and love of oneself that manifests into one being able to see the truths through falsity and, with only positive judgment.


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