Looting the Mind

investigateMay 15, 2009
Ego’s are too small but, find ways like the male Chihuahua dog when
encountering a female great dane, to stretch beyond who they are.
Downsizing one’s ego that’s unprudently inflated beyond usefulness,
is the beginning of wisdom. However, cultivating a strong and big ego
is healthy. To see that you are ‘natures’ manifestation of ‘godliness’ is
to know and love oneself.

Out of rising into a positive ego one reaches a ‘superego’ or, the
consciousness of the mystics and a peace of mind into uncharted areas
of inner joy and bliss. Instead, being
‘artful dodger’ of the fragile ego is to meet oneself time and again
in a false sense of glory bouncing down to the self doubting critical.
To wake up ever day with a clean, clear fresh slate is to live in the state
of ‘superconsciousness’.

To ‘loot the mind’ of all unnecessary ‘riff raff’ is to reach the mountain
peaks of consciousness. Emotions and mind with ‘shackles’ are always
going to be in need of repair and then, into involuntary breakdowns, on
and on. Attempting to ‘lower the ego’ is akin to the teenager who feels
guilt over masturbation and, promises himself to put a halt to it… tomorrow.
Staying in the mind of guilt, denial, ignorance, illusionary fears, and
fragile ego, is to stunt all growth into consciousness.

‘Seeking’ anything, especially the answers to life, is a short journey but
one which is usually never ventured into. ‘Stone age minds’
create all
the internal and social disfunction in this chaotic world. The ‘general
thought’ of downsizing the ego is nothing but a support mechanism for
the vast ‘coffers of psychotherapy’ that serve to promote a
culture/business of endless healing much like the billion dollar ‘weight loss’
industry – temporary placebos!

Use of aerobic yogas and meditations is not something one will find in
the university psychology books or the offices of therapists who’ve
likely forgotten that healing begins first with ‘thyself’! Process and
evacuate the self from the ‘small ego’ that anchors one down, in a trade
for a ‘helium like superego’ that redefines the experience of life and love.
(stream of consciousness)

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