Course in $Miracles$

3320688068_17e255e928_m1May 14, 2009
Get yerself a ‘snicker bar’ and play the game of ‘life’. ‘Air for Sale’ for the fool who wants to join the cash crop of ‘self help’ matriculation, manipulation illusions. Whether its Scientology, Course in Miracles, the Forum, the Maharishi Levitation, ‘men’s groups’ games or, any other ‘ego stroke’ for magic, it’s all a ‘box’ of disguised conformity.

There is nothing that creates more magic or miracles than taking the high road of life’s, trial and error, with aware common sense and, no fear of love. A good daily ‘brainwash’ and heart wash cleans out the nonsense that unknowingly seeks to fatten someone else’s wallet based on ‘packaged air’. ‘Treading water’ or ‘running longer and faster in place’, is still going no where! It’s really going to be a ‘miracle’ if that’s not the case!!!

Constipation of the mind and heart is going to take more than a toilet plunger or some other placebo that just keeps the sleep ‘looping’ year after year. It’s too late already to reach in and pull out some real ‘godliness’ that walks on water, however, is there really any ‘too late’? Every moment past and future is here ‘right now’ to lap up all that’s meaningful for ‘free’. Why rob oneself of the real experiences on the ‘streets of life’?

Turn the music up within and find the solace of the moment to dance between the challenging raindrops that you agreed to accept by coming into this life, be it ‘unawares’ in the beginning. Life from ‘day 1’ is about figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Watch any baby as the months go on – it’s trial and error and soon the realization to be more aware and sensitive. ‘Doggie training schools’ are for dogs, human training schools are ‘built in’! In Hollywood they have many different players to make a movie. The ‘meat and potatoes’ that manifest the thoughts of others are called ‘grips’. ‘Grips’ do anything that makes the imagination work including bringing in the wiring that makes it all move.

It’s a good time now to be ‘the Grip’ that puts life in order from the imagination of what makes ‘common sense’ and, beyond that – where the ‘miracles come walking in silently’.
Make it an obligation to have a thing goin’ on that fills the heart and being always and forever. Plan for a miracle by the ‘right use of will’ from within only. Be your own ‘intervention’! (Stream of Consciousness)

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