Jews Rule

download1May 13, 2009
Ha! Only if you think they do! Socially speaking, Jews are like anyone else except for a few differences individually and collectively here and there. Having lived in New York City and Los Angeles for most of my adult life, working, living, loving and, playing with many ‘types’, including those of Jewish decent, while being an acute observer of human behavior, I might have a ‘leg up’ on some discernment of what makes Jews a little different.

Jews stick together, not as you would think, but inspite of major differences among them, push come-to-shove, their ‘network’ is more heartfelt for each other, however, not to ignore the best opportunities. Like having belonged to a fraternity or sorority, once in the ‘work world’, there is a tendency to favor those who belonged to the same club. Of course family and their emphasis on ‘achievement’ is a strong factor making them collectively more noticeable in certain professions like the legal and medical.

One characteristic, in particular that I’ve noticed, is their ‘penchant’ exhibiting chutzpah or ‘balls’ to try something few otherwise will. They see and act on opportunities with a more open mind and aggressiveness than people do in general and, with a passion to create something which sustains their desires and goals. Also, they have a knack for turning ‘failed ideas’ into workable ones.

Most ‘negativity’ toward jews ‘money drive’ is from people who don’t exercise their freedom to work hard and smart. One on one with no ‘outside advantages’, they are just like everyone else, it’s hard and smart work. As to the ‘charge’ that they control the media? Just being in a position to head up most media, doesn’t give much more control than the ‘collectivity of the masses’ allows.

It’s prudent and wise to give positive attention to what any ‘group’ of people have as ‘assets’, without ignoring their negativities and, an unprejudiced or non judgmental assessment. Excuses are favorite illusions to justify false inabilities. Who rules your personal life but YOU!

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