Honesty Sucks

3304786417_9457e8a462_mMay 12, 2009
Wisdom is not particularly interested in ?honesty?. Is
honesty just for kids? Behind much honesty lurks
insensitivity, absence of compassion, and just a lack of
common sense ?appropriateness?. Honesty has a place to ?be and not to be?! Is there a
right or wrong in all situations and, is it subjective or appropriate today but, perhaps not
Is honesty the truth and, even necessary to be verbalized? Is there a danger that ?so
called honesty? is really disguised ignorance or ?mental insensitivity? lurking behind an
overin?ated ego? It?s a common malady to look at others in a negative way
disregarding that ?look in the mirror? and correction of one?s own ?splinters in
the eye?.
It?s wise to put one?s own house in order before jumping
on an ?honesty? that does nothing but cause ill feelings.
I have a friend who takes great pride in challenging
people with their response or ?reaction? to words,
frequently espousing challenging and ?inappropriate?
thoughts, as that ?it?s only words? and why the problem?
At a dinner with a visiting friend from New York, while mentioning
the ?horror of the World Trade Center 9/11 catastrophe, he piped up
and said, ?good riddance to a lot of greedy Wall St. people?!
Needless to say, it wasn?t received well and his ?ego? felt that it was
just ?honest words?!
It?s always a good idea to ?check in? with intelligent people as to how
other?s see you, particularly if self love ?honestly? is re?ective of all one can be. It?s also
good to ask oneself if there is at least one balanced friend in life who knows you well
and agrees with that assessment. Self examination and always rising in consciousness
with particular attention to eliminating all fears of love is a path to be a good example to
Honesty with the self comes ?rst and, being honest in a way that embraces positivity
and opportunity to move in a loving direction. ?Harmonious skillful means? is an art that
makes for meaningful communication. Transparency and truth that serves
another is divine.

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