YOU Forever

2793136233_5aa7e89a49_m1May 9, 2009
Breaking News!
You at 18 will be the same YOU at 81, less upgrades or failures to ‘upgrade’! The major difference will be the clothes you wear and that includes the body that encases you and all your experiences. Vital aspects of you, irrespective of all the trimmings of ‘ego’ and possible advantages that you had as you entered into adulthood will still be the same. This is something you should know IF, you’d care to reshape the past for the future. It’s all now and for ever more as the train of YOU goes into differing dimensions changing names, experiences, and all the environment has to add.

There’s a cute woman down the street from me, 95 she is and, as sprite as she was at 29, fully updated, although that likely was her way all along the trip. She’s into all the
organic foods, reincarnation, soul travel, any and all conscious thoughts. Got some friends who have entered the ‘twilight years’ ahead of their time, some ‘crossing over’ mostly because of attachment to decisions to not update into the ‘awareness’ and consciousness of love and life to the fullest. Strange life this works out to be for this brief interlude between the illusion of yesterday and tomorrow.

The ‘secret’ is ‘good fortune’ and, a conscious evolution of the being and soul with the action of positive being and taking the ‘high roads’ of life. The early fears, anxieties, angers, insecurities, self blames, etc., will be magnified without the elixir of life’s choices of letting go and rising to the heights that are available through the ‘giving and receiving’ that attract the ‘divine’ gifts to accompany one forever.

Hope can be translated into letting in the spirits that slowly allow behavior modifications leading to the ‘real you’ that awaits your discovery, but for being buried by all the lies that keep compiling. Look beyond the mirror of the physical and all attachments that so delude the freshness of the real you, transcending all obstacles and using them to reach higher into the infinite unlimited possibilities. (stream of consciousness)

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