Women Don’t Love

535180729_fbdd975c5e_mMay 10, 2009
..enough! It’s wake-up time for women to take ‘loves’ responsibility! It’s clear that men are responsible for the ‘trashing of the planet’! Male or, female there are always rare exceptions but, be not quick to count yourself as one of them. Most mothers love their children, many of them along the path lose some of that love mixed up with their own lack of self love. Few rekindle it with the ‘divine tools of meditating’ to re-stir the embers and light the fire of love. The same thing, and more, happens toward their lovers, past and present.

This morning, a friend, Patrick Michael, wrote a poem on this ‘Mothers Day’ expressing an example of women not loving enough:

Every Mother has a Mother

no son will ever recover

their daughters they may well smother

their sons pushed to be a lover

every Mother is just a girl at heart

raising children before she is too smart

they give their love from the very start

they can always tell their own kids apart

but in the confusion, they lose sight of love

they will wonder all manner of things thereof

they hide how they really feel, put on a white glove

do the dusting, hanging onto love from above

wait for a call, a kind word, their heart to enthrall

thinking the best, you know the rest, a bouncing ball

a Mother’s heart turns blue waiting for you to call

so call your Mother if you want to make her squall!

It’s time to see who we really are and have the vision to see the light of the love that hides within! What about now? Broken hearts can survive, love never goes away and waits for you to light the fire regardless of how far one has come. Love is yours to give and receive. Love doesn’t divide itself and it’s never too late to let everyone you’ve loved be reminded. Love looks to give new love and make all yesterday’s love ‘today’s new love. Together we can get somewhere, somewhere where love can even be picked from the trees! I got a feeling that each one can find all the divine’s blessings!

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