The 12th Commandment

2994231873_c00da5bb3f_mMay 8, 2009
The ‘ancient 10 commandments’ was meant to establish guidelines for the ‘rouges’ that populated the earth and had no guidelines for appropriate and sensitive behavior. Secretly, and unrecorded, an 11th commandment was added with a wink and subsequent action over the centuries. The 11th commandment added invisibly was, ‘Do anything you want, just don’t get caught’! It’s a ‘wink’ commandment but one that obviously drives mankind. Given that, I’m adding the 12th commandment that ALL religions and idiots have ignored!

The 12th Commandment is one word with infinite implications. ‘TRANSPARENCY’!
The ‘cloaking of information’ has been eternal and, the reason why the other 10 + 1 commandments haven’t gotten the message across. Every sin imaginable is created under the cloak of ‘piety’ or ‘unquestioning’. The key to every evil act is to isolate it and keep the information from the sight of all who live in positivity, consciousness, or ‘ordinary life’.

With ‘transparency’, all the quality actions like, communication, empathy, compassion, positivity, kindness, love, etc., are in full operation! Anything to do with the personal, religion spirituality and love, need full transparency. Hiding the truth for one’s gain is a cancer of life and the soul. The only ‘riches’ that really count are those within and not those earned through hard work or a gift of life. Hard work is sometimes admirable but,
often a way of avoiding the inner qualities each so richly deserves especially those who value the precious inner things in life.

Transparency with feelings of love and the communication of it, in all ways, is life’s most important key! Transparency takes awareness or, just being in the heart and ‘paying attention! Those who hide information, that if revealed, would enhance one’s experience of life, hurts themselves and all others. The ‘highest good’ starts with being open to oneself and as much as possible, using skillful means, with all others. Light a candle in a room of darkness!

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