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2972320386_64d424cf43_mMay 7, 2009 You may have a ‘living disorder’! For help, ‘google God’ – no charge! God’s now on the internet finally since ‘Cinco de Mayo’ on May 5th this year. God’s sympathetic to the pigs getting a bad rap with this ‘swine flu’. God’s well aware of the reasons for this ‘media extravaganza’ and it’s hidden agenda to straighten out certain ‘drug and gun’ problems in Mexico. This ‘gun for drugs for $$$’ business has been left crawling on it’s
knees (for the moment).

God said in my google to ‘it’, that the problem begins with the American ‘Joe and Alice’ who are the buyers of the ‘satanic mind hell’ mind alterers. God said that millions are too ‘fuckin’ lazy’ to take the positive roads like opening the heart and, ‘viola’, finding love hidden there as the one best medicine available! Druggies are those who smoke cigarettes, pot, crack or imbibe other drugs. They are all the same, just at different stages of denial. Too much alcohol is responsible for much hardship and death. Cigs and pot are ‘sneaky’ killers of emotions and, consistent sensitivity to the higher conscious things in life and love.

Bypass all the negative including the priests and purveyors of ancient holy book crap. Go direct to the source within and, see that it mirrors with the highest consciousness. Words are pointers yet lame for the real game of living and loving. ‘Imagine’, there are billions who ‘gawk’ mindlessly at any ‘pretender to the thrown of God’s voice’ who hides in a robe?! Instead of listening to these ‘shysters of God and Hell drama’, check out what ‘google’ can answer to your questions and then, experience with consciousness!

People disappear by the millions every day into the unknown as ‘unfinished robots’ of
apathy and ignorance! Why be one of those? What if life continues on the ‘other side’ right where the heart and consciousness evolved to (or didn’t!)? Google God and you’ll find there is ‘scientific evidence’ of life ‘on the other side’! Yikes! And, no money is transferable!

Oh, and God said, ‘Alice is not the main problem!’

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