Gay Savior!

1455737583_56193a1563_m1May 3, 2009
If Jesus had really existed, would his imagination have been for ‘yin or yang’ – or, both? The world would be a better world if people were truthful! Men are more prone to being gay than women. Men want sex all the time, so why shouldn’t men be with men especially those who really just want sex. Other than the guy in Oregon last year, I have yet to hear of pregnant men and if it became popular, ‘abortions’ could be had at every ‘7-11’ type convenience store with no questions asked!

Men are essentially ‘idiots’ with penis’s. Consider how many men are ‘homophobic’ and, treat the ‘male nature’ to be with each other as an abomination. The Catholic church is the most fertile ground for discrete sex in the world. Do Priests ever ‘jerk off’ in the Confession Booth as they listen to ‘juicy tales’ only a priest could hear? The ‘robe’ hides a multitude of sins. Sins are those behavior’s hidden for fear of discovery when otherwise they would be free and healthy.

If more men were being honest and, copulating with men if the desire is lurking, there would be more women for the man who has the sensitivity to love a woman. Lesbians are that way because of male abuse. Several years ago, I encountered a woman who headed up a large lesbian group in Los Angeles who told me that she knew of no Lesbian who had not been abused by a man. If people were true to their sexual nature there would be fewer men interested in women and more women interested in men. The consequence might well be a better balance and harmony in society.

There would be new problems with this ‘arrangement’ but, with sensitivity, education and transparency, the world would have less violence and more joy. We could learn to
have compassion for the disappearing churches and temples of the world who survive by the ‘cocktail’ of ‘giving and lying’. Love has no gender, uh … neither does this God! (stream of consciousness)

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