House of Fear

downloadMay 2, 2009
Time runs out for the house to not become a ‘home’. It’s a long, long time to wait for fear to become love and then, time runs out sooner than one expects. Everyone has within their reach the love that’s trapped beyond what the mind can see. Fear hides in many disguises from apathy and boredom to lack of self confidence and withdrawing to
the obvious anger and jealousy. All aspects of ones being are natural particularly if expressed positively.

Natural is not always healthy and conscious. Poison ivy is natural but, to be avoided. The distinction between you and those few filled with love and compassion is merely an illusion that you’ve become use to and claiming the false you to be the real you. It matters not where one has come from and what traumas one has experienced in childhood for they are just obstacles to go around or through to strengthen one in understanding and compassion for life’s journey thats filled with infinite blessings hidden in plain sight. There are no impassable roadblocks but those the imagination clings to.

The imagination wants to cling to the images that are borrowed from parents and society, many of which are distractions from your real inner path of the heart. That imagination may include a happy marriage, home, kids, and success. Each of those is very often an ‘illusory goal’ that does not melt with the true inner feelings of experiencing life’s mysterious road. A house is never a home with the clinging inner fears, often denied, that block the authentic self love.

Seek confirmation that you can love unconditionally with someone who loves themselves. It matters not that one runs and marries that person or even harbors them from life’s offerings. Deep love can be found without being a couple that goes off into the sunset. Soul mates connect in infinite ways and are not limited to a preconceived idea of what it looks like. Fears are dispersed into an inner feeling of perpetual love when one moves through fears into love’s embrace. (stream of consciousness)

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