Change into Love

rm7ruyuellApril 30, 2009
Short changed on ‘love’? Fractured love that seems to come and go? Love isn’t handed out in equal proportion to all. Love’s expression is dependent on behavior and influences of the past. It’s not fair that everyone is filled with love regardless of past circumstances, then what’s the point of demonstrating loving behaviors? Someone, somewhere, sometime has to break the chains of dysfunctional behaviors.

The ‘supply of attainable love’ is infinite but, like gold in the desert mountain lands, it requires dedicated ‘panning’ for those many who are ‘short changed’. The clinging to and identifying with unloving moments in childhood need be let go of. Various techniques of ‘letting go’ through meditating and examination of questionable, insensitive habits that frequently cause dissonance with others, need be traded in for new and better habits. Changing ‘bad’ habits into the highest choices of behavior, is to be on the path to love.

Love for growth needs ‘resonance’ like a drum needs a ‘drum stick’ for sound. As much as a child can bring out aspects of love, it must be remembered that it is totally vulnerable and dependent on one’s love. All life depends on sensitivity and reinforcement from ‘life’s experiences’. The love between two people is an opportunity to give and receive on a higher level for ‘resonance’ than any other. Loving a ‘Messiah’ is void of a visible exchange of results that only comes from two or more people merging with trust to submit totally and experience a surrender that allows the creation of a new being called an ‘us’. The ‘us’ works in synchronicity of mind, emotions and spirit.

To enrich love, one must be open to adapting and changing in positive ways, trading in habits that create barriers with others who are living in the ‘zone of love’. Looping behaviors that have met with resistance, need to be evaluated and replaced. All answers to love begin within and require increasing awareness with validation and ‘activation’. Love goes round and round, feeding on itself to create a whole new energy field of consciousness with deepening love.


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