Swine Love Spreads

2390989192_c2e597febf_mApril 27, 2009
‘Swine love’ happens with a person regarded as brutish, contemptible or generally offensive. They are often cruel, disgusting, or ‘unpleasant’ frequently pushing beyond the limits of trust. Swine love is of epidemic proportions everywhere! People need be tested and dealt with appropriately! A ‘swine’ spreads the aforementioned problems and more, particularly when coupling with another and, even passing the ‘swine disease’ to offspring.

The ‘swine lover’ is often a charmer hiding demons as he is exposed more frequently.
It is suggested that one wear protection, be it a condom or enough self love to avoid unnecessary contact. Those who attract ‘Swine love’ have an ‘acquired immune deficiency’ to be susceptible to lower carriers of the ‘malady’. Carriers are people who have enough ‘self loathing’ to have frequent moments of self doubt about who they are and why life seems to bring more bad news than they feel they deserve.

‘Swine love’ begins with a feeling of euphoria and excitement followed in a few weeks or months by feelings of depression, confusion, and assorted negativities.. Occasionally signs are not shown for perhaps several years. Cures are very obscure and seldom found to totally alleviate all traces of the wounds or the contagion that persists for mostly a lifetime, resulting in a sad death.

‘Swine love’ is an ‘emergency’ and, is best to be attentive as soon as the first signs are
exhibited. The best idea to to stay alone, isolate yourself as much as possible and avoid all kissing, and physical contact. Strangely, hugging, hand shakes and smiling have not shown to be problematic! Swine love moves from generation to generation and possibly has been around since ‘Adam and Eve’.

The cure starts with ‘deep self love’ that, given help by others, actually can spread around the world minimizing all fear of pestilence and personal tragedies. Too much Pork?? No pearls before swine!

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