Septic Tank Romance

3370801878_080e0f418c_mApril 29, 2009
Plastic Roses, cheap perfume and a ‘sceptic tank’ full of problems is meant for a short romance and, not a marriage! Those not in the flow of consciousness only bring ‘unconsciousness’ and goodies that have a short ‘fresh’ life span. A one to 10 week trial, unlicensed marriages, void of creating little ones, should be in vogue. The majority of ‘smitten by love’ lovers are only meant to enjoy the moment then, with empathy and compassion, hit the road!

Eternal romance is only for the ‘pros’. Street ball games are rarely destined to be anything but, left in the ‘hood’. Micro love fun is good if one or more is on ‘rocky’ grounds with themselves. ‘Fixer uppers’ are far from guaranteed to end up being any more than a ‘shack up romance’. Always be willing to be open to see that romance must best be a mutual experience to treasure before ‘reality sets in’. Special friendships are more valuable than coupling gone sour.

Prancing down the ‘yellow brick road’ is a short journey for the ‘unprepared’. “The term “septic” refers to the anaerobic bacterial environment that develops in the personal elimination ‘catch it’ tank decomposing or mineralizing the waste discharged into the tank. Periodic preventive maintenance is required to remove the irreducible solids which settle and gradually fill the tank, reducing its efficiency” Humans work the same way! Most are not so fortunate to be ‘hooked up’ to the ‘clear love line’ but, by doing the necessary ‘maintenance’ can automatically find themselves ‘hooked up’ to the ‘love zone’.

Personal imaginary ‘septic tanks’ for unneeded emotional and mental challenges are available to anyone making the decision to explore ways to experience inner ‘refuse removal’ making way for the energies that wait at the door always. The secret is blowing in the wind, and it’s ‘air’! Practice breathing deeper (called meditating). Love is in the air, in fact, air IS LOVE!!

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