Bubble Brain!

379650351_db3d82ea08_m1April 28, 2009
A bubble brain might be one who in this ‘economic challenging time’ finds their assets approaching ‘start over time’. Living in a ‘bubble’ that pops unexpectedly because of one’s forgetting to ‘squirrel away nuts’ in a safe place for the coming economic winter, is karma and the ‘divine’s’ reminder that the real riches in life don’t fit into a pocket, particularly someone else’s!

‘Intentional suffering’ is a spiritual path even if it was unintended from the start but, the result of a bursting bubble. Stupidity is free as well as it’s opposite and yet so is investing in the inner bank with it’s many qualities of ‘love and awareness’. We are not our ‘assets and trappings’ that can be bought by any ‘drug dealer’ or slum lord. The ‘toys of consumption’ are barriers to seeing the inner qualities that we all possess. ‘Consumers of unnecessary consumption’, poor or rich, unknowingly create a repelling magnet around themselves, pushing away people who value ‘inner riches’ over the material world.

Slaving away to make investments for the future that may or may not come, is usually void of ‘paying attention’ to life’s beauties of ‘smelling the roses’ of life. Death is the leveler of all pipe dreams and ‘bubbles’ that may be fun, albeit not void of stresses, but a reminder to not miss the joys that seem so elusive. It’s far richer to be a philanthropist of giving love than accumulating material riches for that ‘wonder day’ that’s likely a bubble.

White chocolate strawberries and key lime pie with whipped cream can be had even by those that value the pearls of inner life with modest awareness of keeping one eye on
the rational comforts of life. Perceived needs are often sought because of unresolved traumas and insecurities traceable to a bumpy childhood. Be a pioneer and work through the forest of lies to find the clearing that shows the better way! (stream of consciousness)

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