Your Guru

2931768983_90b5d39bb8_mApril 26, 2009 All I want to do is to have some fun. The party starts wherever I am or go. Rainin’ on my parade in reverence to who you think you are, to nurture what no woman or man would enjoy for over a fortnight, brings out the ‘guru’ to set you straight! There is no freedom in the room of insensitivity and non compassion for the godliness of others. All meet eye to eye but for those who spread their unthinking ways. Everyone becomes the Guru to the one who profits by self indulgence at others expense.

Be a ‘garbage man’ and take out your own garbage of the mind! Recycle the good things and discard the rubbish. Clean the temple of the mind and heart daily until it becomes self cleaning. Everybody does it to themselves and need be mindful of not littering others domains. Always use the ‘litter box’ and don’t forget to empty it to maintain a fresh heart and mind.

Give up the bad habits that others see and, create a new you that appeals to the mind and heart of the conscious. Flush the toilet, put down the seat and don’t forget what the female mind ignores, the lid! No cigarettes that drug up the mind and contaminate the beauty of the temple you enter. Drink only as God would drink, not as the Satan pretending to be above the foray. Life is a dance and, a little instruction is good for those that seek to learn how the dancer can become the dance. To dance with a partner impervious to the partner that needs you for the melody and tune is to abuse the synchronicity of the moment. Open up the mind and feel how free one can be then, let the heart follow to create the ecstasy that awaits. Life gets fogged up with complications that need not be.

Your best quality is the silence that you bring into every room, not the noise that is not invited in. To be mindful of the spirit of love every where is to be next to godliness. The ‘guru’ of the loving self desires not to be placed into the position of having to be the guru to any one else. The only guru is love and awareness in action.

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