Drunk or, Meth?

320px-effects_of_metamphetamineApril 25, 2009
‘Brain drains’, known as stimulants, have become more popular for millions to have a ‘cocktail’ of alcohol and another brain drain, such as Methamphetamine, popularly known as meth, crystal, speed, or ‘ice’. For the non user who is generally ‘naive’ about people using this hellish drug, much confusion arises as to who is an abuser and, a covert user. Hitler has been said to be a user of a form of meth as well as many of the Nazi’s to give them a false sense of power and euphoria.

Methamphetamine enters the brain and triggers a cascading release of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. It is highly active in the mesolimbic reward pathway of the brain, inducing intense euphoria, with high-risk for abuse and powerful addiction. There are many signs of meth use including paranoia, feelings of grandeur, fear of closeness and intimacy, violent behavior, thievery, quickness to anger, infinite fears, denial, denial, denial and any negative thing imaginable. The user is VERY discrete in using this ‘cheap’ drug so as to appear quite normal but, a little to a lot different than usual.

Although females are known to use it, primarily men are the purchasers as well as users and, distributors. Having had a ‘Spiritual Center’ from 1991-2006 in the ‘hood of the drug capital of the US’ (Venice Beach, Los Angeles), my naivete about all drugs slowly disappeared over the years that had fooled me infinite times as to why many had such ‘aberrant’ behavior. I learned that drug users were very ‘sneaky’ in their addictions. The phrase ‘One bad apple will spoil the rest’ turned out to be somewhat correct. Those who were weak would succumb to a ‘charismatic’ drug user easily. One individual (and many are very likable…until…), was an ex Yale educated, Corporate attorney for a major NY Wall St. firm that had been a very important account of mine – like many, he seemed quite regular until his ego was challenged and then the ‘monster’ came out. He was in and out of jail.

False euphoria and thinking you are like a Messiah are trademarks of this ‘wonder drug from Hell’. Always, it comes with the territory of unresolved issues from childhood that
festers over the years until the illusionary ‘speed’ trip helps to speed past the ‘garbage yard within the head. To the user or one who’s abused by them – stay away!!
Years of meditation are a ‘godsend’ and necessary to correct the ’hell course’ to a more positive life.

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