Lose Your Mind

312824455_3e6504fba1_mApril 23, 2009
You’re not crazy (that’s optimistic), just a little bit ‘challenged’! Since the lights came on, more and more over the earth during the past few decades, individually and collectively, are exposed for what they’ve always been – essentially ‘crazy’! Now that all the doubt is gone about that, those who don’t see it (or hardly), are the craziest.

Take it easy, loosen up and let go of the unnecessary baggage rotting in the mind. One of the ways the ‘baggage expresses itself is in people that are ‘fat’. Denial is a protection of ‘justification’ to keep the mind intact. It’s called being ‘challenged’, at best.
Man has accumulated and inherited all the ‘junk’ of the past without really realizing it. It’s past time to stop pretending to be who you think you are. Mistakes have been made but there’s no reason not to escape the shadows that haunt the mind unceasingly looping over and over.

Always one has to stop and slowly begin to see that we are accumulations of other peoples opinions and, our own self condemnation and experiences. Life is like a fantasy in surreal time but, why not make it a real fantasy that works and releases the challenges that seem endless. Time has run out for excuses that do nothing but encourage the craziness. The air, wherever you are, is ready to take all thoughts and make them disappear, but for your postponing the choice.

All are given the seeds of ‘free will and choice’ at birth to germinate into a full Buddhahood or Christlike being. Challenges to the mind are just that, ‘challenges to learn from and overcome moving on to greater visions. Be a bit ‘challenged’ and ‘consciously crazy’! (Stream of Consciousness)

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