Serial Cuckoos

2145833494_ca86b18535_mApril 22, 2009
A person who is a stupid incompetent fool, fathead, goof, goofball. Put another way, a person who says they hear common sense but, continue to do stupid acts. These people need lots of love and,… patience! They live on habits that are anywhere from amusing, annoying, to criminal. Warning to do-gooders who look to save the world, be warned that these ‘cuckoos’ defy all reason and are compulsive, obsessive ignorers of ‘sound, well intentioned advise.

One cuckoo ‘caregiver friend’ was a compulsive thief and had spent several years, twice, in a penitentiary for ‘hand-a-note’ bank robbery. Upon his release, I frequently gave positive counseling along with his parole officer to this nice looking 38 year old, particularly on the virtues of being free and living near the sunny paradise beach in Los Angeles. Always in full agreement, he several weeks after his release robbed a local Citibank and was caught after his escape at an Arby’s fast food across the street! He’s currently half way through his 10 year sentence.

On the amusing end, I have another friend who always is in panic about her lost keys, credit cards, etc., and, regardless of advise to always keep them in the same place. In most ‘cuckoo cases’, drug or alcohol damage is behind it, otherwise it’s unresolved traumas. Often the ‘unresolved trauma cases’ never act on good advise, are, among other ‘flaws’, obsessive-compulsive eaters, even obsessive vegetarians. The key is to send them tough love and keep them at ‘bay’. These are poor relationship people!

The cure for these ‘cuckoo’s’ back on the road to reality and common sense, is always a simple decision to use their ‘power of will’ with awareness and ‘ownership’ of their ‘loonies’. Them seeking love with another is futile. Start with years of meditating techniques and follow a path of self evaluation. Life is sweet….when one remembers!

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