You’re My Sister

April 20, 2009
Men are kids who grow into ‘doggie kids’ then, commonly, into adult bodies to continue, ‘til death, as dogs. They are clandestine sniffers of females to use for pleasure.. Females rarely understand how most males think about their male sexual needs. The ‘male exception’ to this can be trusted in all cases even, as they reject covert use of prostitutes, porno or, cheating.. Men who have matured are fully transparent. Always beware of the less obvious man who has little ‘opportunity’ to be a dog and is seen as ‘above it’!

Males who can be just friends one on one to a female, need to identify them as ‘sisters’ or, those who are beyond the female need to be in fear of physical male approach. Sisters are ‘safe’. Women are always fearful of a male’s motives unless fully transparent and compassionate, always it’s a woman’s instinct for survival and protection of her natural ability to reproduce, as well as being loved for herself. Women need ‘conscious’ men to protect her from ‘male animals’, who happen to live everywhere one looks, especially in most countries that treat women as 3rd class.

Females need acceptance as human beings apart from any concern for ‘male coming on’ against their wishes. Undeveloped man can be like an animal that leaves a ‘scent’ that seems to paralyze some females for his assent to overcome her. Charm for selfish reasons is an unconscious technique that actually plays on the weakness of ‘’female neediness’.

Strong love for self and rising beyond ‘unresolved issues’ from childhood, become an automatic ‘sensor’ to ferret out men using ‘primal animal instincts’. Females shine best when they can feel comfortable to be vulnerable. Fear of men and fear of what’s lurking in the dark are unnecessary. Love is a light and has nothing to do with sex necessarily. When woman becomes free from fear of male control, the world will finally change….and, not until. A ‘sister’ is a friend to like and love with full transparency of safety for all aspects of her.

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