Pirate Or Dog

624484078_2fdf30caff_m1April 19, 2009
Females are basically STUPID! I have proof! Either they have a man in their life, are endlessly wishing for it or, had one and are still envisioning a ‘Hollywood’ hunk with money and endless love! They are typically almost as stupid as the Muslim men who think there are 72 virgins in heaven waiting for them after they blow themselves and other innocent people up for some ‘pedophile’ Messiah who is purported to have lived in the 1300’s and married a 9 year old!

Today most men are pirates not unlike the ones from Somalia who chase ships for ransom on the high seas all for chasing an unwilling non-virgin on the mainland who’s stupid enough to succumb, even if it’s not common rape! Few men today don’t look to command their catch of loot to satisfy imaginations of their biological needs. Two legs up in the air is behind every man’s lurking smile with few exceptions – animals dressed in fine fabrics whose ancestors only a short time ago hunted for their livelihoods while using leaves to wipe their butts (toilet paper is a recent invention as are flushing toilets – duh, you need to remember that!).

There are millions of females who have been, are still, or will be prostitutes of one kind or other in America alone. Some are prostitutes for one man and others are serial prostitutes. Many are bitches producing the ‘sons of bitches’ who rape others for their own pleasures to be. Neanderthals are in male and female bodies, disguised as human beings unworthy of being considered as conscious beings.

Pirates steal – all pirates are men! Wars are fought by men, men rape, men steal your cars by the millions, men loot, men do good to cover up the abominal deeds that lurk in their dark side. ‘The conscious’ are ‘god’s exceptions’ and, hope for the future of ‘peace and love’. Men steal your heart and, so do the ‘men’ that haunt the brain in women! To steal the treasures of your life by spending it with one of these ‘oh, but I love him critters’ is the ultimate stupidity when having two dogs is so much more fulfilling! They give ‘unconditional love’ and receive it! At this point in human development, it’s the better choice! (stream of consciousness)

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