Listening Phobia

3068612390_31b45d8108_mApril 16, 2009
If God could come down out of the sky with identifications and certifications from the God of the whole universe, as well as the mysterious black ‘wholes’, into an exquisite human body while being ‘all knowing’, most would hear and listen at his advise. But that’s where the glimpse of intelligence ends! They will do what they have programmed their comfort zones to believe to know what they want to do and know.

The ‘new brain’ rising up today is just a different version of minds generations ago. Today it’s a ‘twitter mind’ that can understand ‘tweeks’ that have nothing to do with anything! The ‘new mind’ may be a genius with 7 PhD’s and still not know the basics of love and communication not to mention, listening to the best personal advise in the world. Freud would call it an ‘ego barrier’, I would call it just a simple ‘intelligence barrier’ that has little to do with one’s high IQ (intellect quotient).

Phobia’s are fears. Who in their right mind would admit to having a fear of ‘listening’, meaning they don’t always listen, even if it’s about something they SHOULD know?! Refusing to listen is a ‘show me you’re listening moment’! If you hear great advise and you ignore it in actions, you fear listening or, have ‘listening phobia’. An easy example is trying to tell an alcoholic why he needs to stop drinking. They have a deep programming that only assimilates information on a ‘tubular level’ – in one ear and straight out the other as if a sound proof tube ran from one ear through the next with no leakage into the being of recognition.

This malady becomes more cemented in adults as they age, particularly most of those beginning old age after 25 to 30. Few change what could be referred to as ‘behavioral abnormalities’ that occur from a very early age. Superficial changes be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, popularly become manifest as a ‘comfort acknowledgement’ of what should be listened to for deeper ‘change’. Today is the best time in the history of the Solar System for information to assist anyone in becoming ‘godlike’ and moving through life with the highest possible consciousness. The human mechanism on the shoulders is still in the ‘neanderthal stage’… with denial of it, of course. Having ‘high tech’ toys (like computers, cellphones, etc.) have convinced the general population that they are evolved. Nothing could be more mistaken! Listening phobia? Stop – assimilate – and discern the high value of information provided and, then put the information into ‘action’.

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