I – Me – You – We

3212495634_24b8c77b34_mApril 18, 2009
The most important word in the English language is ‘iumewe’!? With out I and me, can ‘you’ really be known and is there any possibility for ‘us’ or ‘we’? Is not ‘help’ a word to consider but then, ‘I’ is needed and, certainly ‘you’! Words, words, who cares but, then again ‘we’ must, for what they mean to ‘you’ and ‘me’. If ‘you’ or ‘I’ need ‘help’, ‘I’ may need ‘you’ or, you ‘me’!

Can ‘I’ trust ‘you’ to come to my aid to ‘help’? Is not ‘trust’ a word that needs to be considered as one that ‘you’ and ‘I’ need to create for that bond that makes life a little sweeter. It may be friends or family but can ‘we’, ‘you’, or ‘I’ do without ‘friends’ or ‘family’ when ‘we’ need that ‘help’? Can ‘I’ do anything in life without others giving and, ‘I’ receiving?

Does the world go round without any of ‘us’ connecting, preferably with something that keeps ‘us’ in harmony and away from harm’s way? The world may not need ‘us’ as much as ‘we’ need it to give what ‘we’ need to sustain life. However, sustaining life isn’t enough to make ‘our’ world go round with harmony and oh yes, ‘love’. Where ‘love’ is ‘love’ grows and provides the light and nurturing that ‘we’ all need! Can ‘you’ find ‘love’ and ‘I’ too, so we can experience ‘we’ found love!

Does ‘meaning’ for living lose it’s luster if ‘love’ doesn’t fill ‘our’ hearts and every moment of living? Can ‘I’ do without ‘you’ and ‘you’ without me for very long? We are all interdependent on the sun, moon, and stars as well as all that’s here to keep our lives filled with the possibility of ‘hope’ and the ‘love’ that can reach to ‘you’ and ‘I’ that make up the ‘we’. Take away the ‘breath of love’ and all of ‘us’ wither away as if ‘we’ never visited here to find and experience ‘love’. I need you and you need me and, we, with love, have the freedom to create anything we want to make life better for ‘you’!
(stream of consciousness)

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