Da Wall

download-16April 15, 2009
Is the Berlin Wall or, the Israeli Wall to keep the Muslims out, necessary? Is it to keep people out or, not let them in? Walls are shields, be they social or personal. Sometimes they are prudent and conscious, other times they are examples of lurking problems within. Barriers to communication are obstacles to healthy merging and, sometimes obvious decisions to avoid merging before the time is right for mutual respect or interest.

Individual walls are often emotional to protect inner doubts and unresolved conflicts. Without conscious efforts to ‘bring walls down’, they become part of accepted life. Walls often attract diversions from heathy reality and accumulate more defensive habits to further bolster their existence. They may be harmful drugs, habits, belief systems, self denials, deepening fears, etc. Walls are ‘boxes’ that keep freedoms in check and without the ‘perpetrator of walls’ being fully aware.

Heaven is here and beyond but, always present for reaching up for the next breath and beyond. Walls, as unnecessary as they usually are, should avoid ceilings as an escape route. Walls are ‘karmic boomerangs’ and straight jackets that immobilize the weak and fearful. People become like museum pieces, frozen in time except for the outer aging. Meet them as children and, you can be sure that unnecessary characteristics follow and haunt them throughout life.

Extreme makeovers are always appropriate for destruction of ‘walls’ due to unresolved issues and liabilities. They can be turned into knowing oneself deeper with more compassion for what or who the tripped trigger switches to bring the defensive walls down. Be a locksmith and open up the gifts within and, if the locks don’t work, try the ‘sledge hammer technique’! Worthwhile things sometimes need extreme methods. It’s never to late for a ‘retrofit’!

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