Nite Walker Magic

April 10- 2009
‘Good Friday morning’ began with my 3:45 am 4 mile meditation walk in the hills of this ‘mistical’, magical, seaport town tucked between two mountain ranges. The nite-morning is cool with occasional drops of light rain among the dark and, the setting moon ahead shadowing between moving clouds.

Three minutes into my ‘heavy breathing walk’ up the 8 block nite hills, my strange ‘Hollywood friend’ calls on the cell phone from his beachfront home in Sarasota, Florida to wish me a quick happy ‘Good Friday’, and to let me know he’s excited about his new internet Christian girlfriend in Lebanon. ‘Hollywood’ not only bombed with his last movie ‘Evolution’ which he said had a message that few got (he said the message was- ‘shitty’!), but the economy was forcing him to quit his only two bad habits that he claims ‘few enlightened men enjoy’ – cigarettes and beer! I refuse to consider the ‘new enlightenment’! ‘Evolution’ was prophetic apparently ‘cause ‘Hollywood’ has lost all his millions and, hope of taking a trip to Lebanon to visit his new girls family.

As I continue my walk for the next couple of miles down into the waterfront ‘boutique Main street, the mist continues as seagulls begin squawking, drowning out the occasional nightingales call. Every morning I check in the outdoor foyer of one of the bookstores to see what ‘free books’ are left outside. Seeing 4 boxes of books, I lean over and pull out the first book and to my amazement it was a book that compiled the works of my favorite American author ‘Og Mandino’! I had read his book ‘The World’s Greatest Salesman’ 121 times during my corporate sales days in NYC. If that wasn’t enough of a strange find, the next book I picked up (not seeing the title) was the ‘rage of the ’90’s’ by James Redfield, ‘The Celestine Prophecy’!

The magical meditation nite walk continued back up into the hills as the dawn peeked through the clouds. Minutes later as I began the descent once again, I am surprised to find a new baseball seemingly waiting on the grass as a gift on a street corner. As a happy ‘baseball fan’, I continue on down to my home near the sea. Earlier this week, a ‘pot smoker’ dissed and called ‘boring’, my suggestion to by-pass his drugs for the natural way – one of which is doing one of the many expressions of meditation, like a meditation walk that just might open secrets beyond the imagination!

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