Medicate or Meditate

2243050139_0bbf66a3b2_mApril 8, 2009
Support the pharmaceutical industry or support your own free creativity? ‘The United Druggies of America’ is the moniker that sadly might represent the people in the land of illusion, fear and, under a God that no one knows ‘what or who’ this mystery phenomenon is. The most popular drug even kids use, is the ‘wonder drug, sugar’. Not far behind and, mostly for adults, is marijuana. The US is fatted and spaced out in its popular drug venues.

Efforts to fix what ails the lazy, is to spend money to alleviate what pains one has due to years of avoiding the best supplements nature has to offer that, believe it or not, are ‘free’. There is a mindset in America that ‘free’ must not be worth much and ‘expensive’ means ‘better’. The natural supplements begin with a life that is filled with all the positives from seeing the bright side, smiling, moving beyond fears, giving and receiving, creating good habits, exploring love of self, and on and on.

Since the ’60’s, both drugs to numb the mind and, an array of non-drugs called meditations to open the mind and heart have become a part of most ‘advanced’(?) societies in the world. Drugs cost billions more and have been the favored method to ‘feel better’. Drugs only take a minute to pop in the mouth be they illegal ones or ‘pharmaceutical ones’. Quick and easy is the road to lead to more ‘quick and easy’ methods and, finding excuses to defend the ‘devils’ placebos of the mind.

The fog of the mind and the heart travels down the highway to nowhere never taking the time to stop and look for the secrets of going the way of godliness that hides with little attention on the map within. Clearing the ‘fog’ (while saving money) is available in dozens of meditations that have been passed on for eons but, until recently, hidden from the world. There may be an ongoing ‘war on many medicated drugs’ but, there’s a ‘peace out’ on meditation – just a simple choice – the easy ‘bad karma’ way or, the loving way? The ‘exciting way’ becomes boring and the boring way becomes exciting!

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