Holy Parrots & Sacred Rabbits

448840425_c0db2e755e_m1April 9. 2009
The parroting ‘controllers’ of the rabbit pens of the masses, exist as purveyors of reciting the ‘holy works’ of ancient recycled, fractured wisdoms. The teachers of all ‘holy works’ are largely men with some semblance of intellect and a reasonable ‘total recall’. Those qualities enable them to be capable of preaching to ‘fearful rabbits’ who in turn transform into lesser holy parrots. The ‘controlling holy parrots’, are rarely ones to manifest what they preach and, talk without the crutches of a ‘belief system’ that they in turn, ‘parrot’.

The mind is a fragile and impressionable mechanism that, because of fear and shortage of self love, allows itself to be manipulated by those supporting a living by espousing religious dictums. The ‘rabbits’ are the listeners of the parrots who really have become conductors of messages that they take for granted regardless of their experience and knowing. Information that is fed from the memory of what others were purported to have said is at best ‘mixed messages’ frequently diluted enough to cause a ‘brain strain’ that leads one down a path of fear and paranoia.

In recent years, it has become more evident that the so called experts or leaders of any profession or cause, are not infrequently, guilty of hiding behind covert improprieties that contradict their works. Certainly the dentist who puts the pretty patient under medication during ‘after hours’, is not always above taking liberties that defy good moral ethics. Hypocrisy is rampant when the ‘parrot’ or ‘holy professional’ is in charge of those who are ‘hypnotized’ by promises of sacred results. The value of ‘transparent character’ and it’s sincere works, can’t be overly appreciated.

Pulling rabbits out of the hat as answers for all problems is a magic show of illusion that needs to be seen as entertainment and, not food for ones ‘innertainment’. The ‘secret’ hidden in plain sight is ‘life’ itself and, the sensitivity to respect and merge with what promotes love to all. The ‘secret’ of life is ‘breath’, or the ‘breath of life’ and, with love and compassion for all.’Holy parrot religious leaders are not needed for parroting which is obvious to all those in awareness and dedicated to taking the highest roads in life.

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