Reverse the Pump

3179256732_3269af3065_m7April 6, 2009
Lots of junk gets stored in the mind and heart that blocks all the new good information that so wants to get in! Flushing out all the unnecessary attached to negative feelings and mind sets is like a reset button to empty out and refill with ‘useful, fresh, information. We are all the same age when it comes to the spirit, heart, and mind. Only our vessel, the body, ages. To let the rest of our qualities age with the body needs ‘reversing the pump’!

Resistance to techniques that ‘clear things out’ is a major block that few seem to be able to meet thinking that some of the ‘right words’ will do the trick. Nothing could be further from the truth. All the ‘self help’ stuff in the world creates a ‘crack in the door’ to get a glimpse of what’s possible, but primal techniques are necessary be they ‘deep love with another’ or that strange thing called meditation.

Two routes. The first one of love between two souls will not work for most. Reason being, there is usually too much unresolved issues in one or both partners. Issues create more issues and the ‘block or barrier’ get more difficult to transcend. Possible to follow the love path but the individual needs to clear the road and connect with another
who has a relatively clear path.

The next left choice is much like working out in a gym alone. No help necessary for the most part except someone to guide one to the right exercises. The Governor of California, Arnold Schwartzenegger is a prime example of the ‘alone way’, at least for
body building and certain other qualities that come with the discipline. Meditation is heart and awareness building so as to enable the participant to walk through life with greater clarity. Meditations are fun as they have even more techniques than body building to keep it interesting and helpful. Meditation empties the ‘garbage bin’ for a new, fresh start. (Stream of Consciousness)

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