Sensitivity to Women

womenApril 5, 2009
Do women find you sensitive to their hearts? Men have used women for all of time as ‘chattel’ and to serve their needs without regard for their, ‘at least’, equal status. Men are teachers of love, and yet, look around at how many men are doing far less than that. A woman need always ask, is this man capable of meeting and perhaps exceeding the love I am giving to him?

When a woman gives more love to a man than he to her, we have ‘standard operating procedure’ (SOP)- a ‘failure to communicate’! The answer to correct all situations that fall short of sensitivity to females, in general, lie with the heart and common sense of every man who can see through his ‘animal lust’ or ‘misogyny’ (hate toward females).

First a man must show his ability to love any woman as a mother or sister, in other words as a ‘divine being’ apart from a ‘biological necessity’. Females, of course, have their responsibility to always take the ‘high road’ of empathy, compassion, and common sense with discernment in connection with males. Sensitive men to female needs are quite in the minority, contrary to what men think, still at this point of the liberation of women seeking the rights equivalent to a man. No longer are women just an oven for men and children but, divine beings capable of changing the nature of a world obsessed with negativity and violence.

There will be NO PEACE without the TOTAL equality of women and their subsequent rise to consciousness and the ability to control their own lives. At this juncture, women are still too weak to say NO to men in general and, be independent enough to submit to love for the magic of surrender to overwhelm them. Authentic love that becomes part of the soul comes only in a total surrender and, the most available way that engenders the deep experience of that is through the self and then, merging with it’s likeness in another. (stream of consciousness)

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