‘Luv You’ Idiots

kute_funApril 4, 2009

Love all idiots, even the ones who banter around ‘I love you’s’ as meaningless words. It’s very RARE to meet someone who really knows what ‘love’ is anyway beyond certain glimpses that they found themselves momentarily entrenched in. Today it’s ‘fashionable’ to flip ‘I love you’s’ around, and what’s the recipient to say other than finding that special moment to call on the one who so injudiciously does the ‘I love you’ mantra.

Certainly these are ‘fine words’. Time was a few years back, that the ‘I love you’ was generally more accepted as just reserved for special moments for special people that were all heartfelt. Frequently it’s said today as a ‘closing goodbye’ to a conversation with all the meaning of a ‘splash in the ocean’ leaving one feeling ‘obligatory’ to return the gesture often unexpected. It’s frequently a ‘cheap way’ to offer nothing but a verbal platitude.

Words can become teflon sounds of little meaning but serve ‘unconscious purposes’ that are ‘forgotten’ anyway from the giver. Discernment of use of words is valuable in meaningful communications. There are moments when words, if they can be reached, personify deep feelings of sensitivity. Words sometimes are not enough, but even then can be transmitted to a receiver who can feel the ‘intent’.

Not infrequently while doing my ‘written free speech’ in public, I’ve displayed writings that suggested ‘Christianity’ was a fairy tale of false hope (or something like that) and inevitably, I’ll get numerous ‘teflon Christians’ who will spiel their judgment of the first line or two without seeing the loving message that followed down in the writing, with a quick ‘I’ll pray for you’. Words about judgment of words not even grasped.

An open heart can feel anothers open heart and sincerity as well as meaningless gibberish. It’s always divine to choose words that have heartfelt meanings. Life takes on real meaning when one finds the ‘highway to the heart’! (stream of consciousness)

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