Toilet Friends

April 2, 2009

Everyone experiences being ‘expunged’, barred, flushed down the toilet, or perpetually ignored by what seemed to be a friend, lover, or relative, perhaps many times. The door is closed to connection and may appear ‘bolted’. It could be thought of as ‘flushed down the toilet’. It happens but, care should always be given to not be one of the ‘flushers’ of others. To lovingly reposition and keep open all meaningful connections for whatever reason is clearly a better example of love and compassion.

People are generally ‘cruel’ when the ‘ego’ is felt to be harmed. Often it’s an erroneous judgment on the part of the ‘perpetrator’. Fear from unresolved personal issues are likely at the root of the matter for the ‘flusher’. One with self love always remains open to reinvent all connections. Forgiving is sometimes necessary.

Friendliness is godliness! At the root of all dissension in the world is ‘non friendliness’ or negativity. Life is a flickering candle that is moment to moment. As ‘fresh cement’ hardens, disconnecting likely follows the same result, however, the initiator of the disconnection or, the last person to ‘shut the door’ has a ‘divine responsibility’ to open that door. As life goes on, experience will show that friends were likely ‘fair weather’ and not ones that were beyond shallow friends. Still, that is a choice of the mind without the heart.

Moving on in life is to ‘move up’! The ‘strings of the past’ tether one from reaching the fruits of the now and future. Love has no strings but instead an energy that remains open to the merger of other love energies without ‘strings’. To ignore friendships is to put a drag on all future evolvements. Love is always an urge to merge into a space of appreciation and friendliness.

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