Males Bully Females

April 3, 2009
STOP by [Teffin]

The #1 cause of injury to females is from Male abuse – call it ‘domestic violence’! According to recently released figures in the US, 5.5 million females are ‘reported’ as being the victims of injuries from males per year! In other countries, such as Ethiopia, it is not uncommon for women to be raped when they leave the home to get food. Modern ‘prehistoric males’ who commonly create the ‘facade’ of ‘gentlemen’ or just generally ‘to be trusted males’ struggle with control over their containment of animal aggresive sexual energy.

The greatest social hidden secret is ‘abuse’. It’s abuse that is not just limited to males, of course, but men are by ‘choice of nature’, are the ones most responsible for both common sense and, the gift of transmitting love. Common sense is not meant as the ‘insensitivity’s of the mass unconsciousness’, but ‘common sense’ coming from a self love. A females love, especially with children, is certainly a cornerstone of life, but unless a male can actualize self love for himself, all relationships of coupling are likely doomed. The female is the primary ‘receiver’ and is constrained in her giving of love without a receptive ‘giving and receiving’ vulnerable, male.

Reciprocal and open communication is an tool of harmony that is often relegated to the back burner in relationships. Part of that communication is the discernment of what is sensitive for the union of both and what causes ‘abuse’ of the entity of the ‘us’. Judgment is a shadow of turmoil often swept into the unconsciousness of people in general. Watching, stopping, and evaluating errors of communication or, the lacking thereof, is essential to all growth of love. When both partners are blessed with self love of themselves, all communication just happens naturally and, with no abuse.

Abuse is passed down from parent to child and, it continues round and round for generations that seemingly began in the ‘age of the neanderthal’. ‘Neanderthal behavior’ needs to find extinction here and now as we have entered the age of love and communication ‘unchained’! The ‘greatest love’ begins within oneself and, if fortune is blessed between two lovers then, into the world like a ‘domino love effect’. Mon cheri amour!

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