Ain’t No Religion In….

imagine_by_midswisscowApril 1, 2009

…Heaven! Ain’t no English nor Chinese, nor memories of that church, temple, or mosque that professed it’s all knowing wisdom! Ain’t no Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammed, not to mention dozens of virgins waiting for the ignorant sloths-like males. Ain’t no Hell either but, where ever you go! Ain’t no Athiests to proudly proclaim that they know what’s going on or proclaiming ignorance with prideful demeanor.

Where you stand is where you are even if who you are is hidden behind erroneous thoughts of who you think you are. The only one lamenting over your traumas and ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’s is YOU! There is no rich or poor but in the mind that can’t see beyond it’s judgments.

LIfe is not for anger nor for perpetuation of illusions of ‘feel goods’ except for the joys of playing ‘la-da-dity-da’. Life is not for someplace you’d rather be while overlooking what blessings are within and lessons of the moment. It’s a pretty good creation that all have come into if one looks where the sun shines and sees the charm in the clouds. No one has the answers for those that hear what they want to and, ignore what is meant.

Children cry, people die, while no one really knows what’s goin’ on? Is it better or worse than it seems? Does anyone really know? We really do know one thing, and that is life is happening now. What few really know, yet feign to know, is that each has the ability to see the best way for the moment. Life and love are always there, in the moment, especially for those that wake up and seize the moment, as the heaven that seems but an elusive dream.

Of all the options, feel the inspiration to come alive and be thankful for the blessings that may elude the busy mind and shielded heart. (stream of consciousness)

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