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breath_of_loveMarch 31, 2009

Breathing in and out is taken for granted with benefits ignored! It is said that ‘breatharians’ live on air alone – not sure I would try that one even if it would save on groceries. Love is elusive especially when there is no ‘resonance’, meaning someone to experience the ‘feel good’ experiences with.

Millenniums ago in what is now India, slowly over time, mystics began to see the futility for nearly everyone of experiencing ‘conjugal love’ or couple love. Love has many dimensions beginning with a child’s love with it’s parent. Parental love is in a way ‘captive love’ with a child who is totally dependent on the giving of the parent. Individuals often make the mistake of forgetting that this is a very different dimension of love than that between two people in love.

Self love is rarely contingent on loving a child, but becomes paramount in ‘adult love’ between man and woman where it wilts into erratic feelings of negativity with occasional spurts of inner warmth or, flowers into a dimension of bliss and fulfillment that becomes a true compliment with godliness. There is an inner ‘zone’, or place, that rarely is reached.. It has no word for it but, is an eternal superconscious love that changes the quality of life forever where the ‘feeling of love’ is in active sensitive mode every moment.

Mystics, finding glimpses of the ‘love consciousness’, sought to find another route beyond ‘coupling’ with godliness. With ‘arranged marriages’ and general ignorance, the probabilities of experiencing it were seemingly lower than nil. This predicament led a few rare individuals to discover that watching the breath with deeper breathing very slowly over time shifted into a blissful feeling of inner love or self love. Today those techniques are called ‘meditation’.

Rarely are the channels for deep love not clogged with memories perceived as negative experiences or the lack of sufficient love. Nearly all are consumed by the fog of complacency or a comport zone and, create barriers as shields to protect from love’s blossoming to touch every season of life. Being aware of breathing welcomes in love to fill the vessel of the body, mind, and heart.

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