Dog Shit Habit


March 30, ‘09

Dog owner’s personalities are represented by their dogs! What’s worse, barking dogs next door incessantly polluting the air or those inconsiderate ‘dog walkers’ who don’t follow ex NY Mayor, Ed Koch’s ’70’s revolutionary, game changing order to ‘clean it up’? Empathy and compassion seem to be foreign words to some two legged clucks.

A friend in Venice Beach (LA) was beside herself yesterday after intermittent cacophony of barking dogs enclosed in the yard next door. For over 20 years the numbskulls next door have grown so accustomed to the negativity, that they can’t feel their neighbors ire. I suggested to my friend to call the ASPCA animal organization to intervene. People become so entrenched with defending their comfort with negativity that likely the ‘dog shit neighbors’ will deny the problem and yet, assure compliance.

Some years ago back in ancient times, a knuckle headed mystic discovered a thing called ‘awareness’ and it’s infinite dimensions including empathy, compassion and responsibility. After many millenniums, the ‘trickle down’ information still escapes many people who have seemingly fallen in love with their habits to be still impervious to others ‘space’. It gets crowded in the brain with all the unreleased negative habits that seem to be endlessly nurtured by the occupant.

Habits need constant review and assessment for the question of quality with others sensitivities in mind. Word is that man’s looping unaware bad habits have created a ‘floating plastic waste flotsam’ in the Ocean stretching the breadth of the United States. The unexamined brain is much the same. Negativity is a ‘habit’ and needs replacing with positive habits. Meditation is awareness, so creating that as a ‘new habit’ is bound to produce a serene silence.

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