Raiders of the Lost Art

Raiders of the Lost Art
Raiders of the Lost Art

March 29, 2009

The only ‘real art’ is love. We are all born with a blank ‘tabula rosa’ to create what we choose as we run through the ‘bramble bushes’ of life’s challenges of roses and thorns. The heart of the ‘blind beggar’ may well be the ‘abode of love’ while the ‘tycoon of the ego’ and, the ‘self serving’ heart that masks the cave of the vampire, can be nothing but just the smiling peddler of the drugs of illusion..

Slop covered with creme and cherries soon turns to something other than what it appears. Those who seemingly galavant through life parading illusion, are also looking for love, but in all the wrong places. ‘Things’ accumulated for a myriad of reasons are but masks of what’s really lost within.

The best investment in art, is to invest in the inner search for the lost treasures that are hidden in plain sight within. ‘Fine art’ is ‘priceless’ and can be found smiling all alone in that deep cave within. You’re a character, you’re a mystery to be found.. Tricks and gimmicks are for the kids, not for the sincere of truth and bliss. Life is more than the ravages of the outer always on the verge of the dancing ‘la-la-la’ that lights the air all around.

Each possesses the finest and most unique art called a ‘you’. The whole world may seem bleak but every moment has a ‘corner to turn’ beyond the foolish kind of love and self doubts. Everyone has everything even though sometimes it seems as if only you are without. The art that won’t sell for all the money in the world is the art of self love. Self love is free even when the lights of hope are dimmed, there is always a flicker ready to become a blessing beyond imagination. Money buys the false art while the lights shine all around the real art of appreciating the divineness in ‘you’.
(Stream of Consciousness)

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