Neuter ‘Dogs & Man’


March 27, 2009

Dogs, cats and, man should have plans available to eliminate indiscriminate pregnancy. Population control is a method of improving the life of any specie, particularly at this point with man proliferating unchecked from just 2 billion people a few short years ago to 10 billion over the next few decades. India alone has 1.2 billion people on a land far less than 1/2 the size of the US and, with no control of the sexual urge.

Apparently, besides a certain type of monkey, no other animal enjoys sex for fun! Sex with consciousness is even a more powerful happening leading to love and it’s possibility of deepening of it as well as the general consciousness of participants. The path of love deepening with conscious sex is one to elevate human kind to an evolution beyond the present state of constant turmoil.

Kitties, puppies, and human babies are certainly wonderful expressions of life, however, enough is enough for the good of the high quality of life. A world where children are the product of a deep and responsible love will be a better world and one that evolves man beyond the crimes and violence that are so prevalent. Religions are against many methods of birth control so as to keep their religion filled with ready made converts. Even nations look to support unchecked population out of ignorance and economic reasons.

Our resources and general environment are being ‘taxed’ from lack of mindful controls to promote a healthier world. The world is running out of control and, will reach calamity soon, after having gone with no controls on population in a few short years. Quantity is not producing quality.

Talk and plans of creating humane and workable neutering of humans (particularly of men who are designed by nature to be motivated for sex in excess of the average female) needs to be happening now. Education about the mysteries of life and love is far more important than sidestepping it to spend a life working for survival while in relationships barely working to bring more children into an over populated world. Control over ‘birthing’ opens a whole new area of better possibilities and, freedom for humanity.

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