Berserk Pope

March 24, 2009

Prayers for World Peace are $3.95 per month. For Muslims, the Catholic Church will point their prayers through a set of speakers pointing toward Mecca. Such compassion and millions of idiots will invest particularly in these times of ?economic ?ush?.

The Pope just ?nished a trip to millions of viewers in Africa blessing the fools from his bullet proof ?popemobile? and his ?jewel studded? hat that is actually a ?crown of thorns? in disguise. Such heart warming gestures can be be seen on DVD at your leisure for just $9.95 with a glossy picture of ?God?s anointed representative to tend the ?ock?.

Some pundits are wondering what decisions the Catholic Church will make if the Popes suggestion that ?pecker covers? (condoms) are a sin even in light of the continuing outbreak of AIDS in Africa. Now the Pope?s down the centuries are not known as ?rocket scientists? but times have moved on to the 21st century ?lled with new ideas like Twitter, cell phones, vibrating toys, and something called the ?internet? for access to all the information anyone would want!

Dear Pope,

Check out ?methods of birth control? by googling on this new invention called the computer. Scroll down to ?dogs and cats? and information will be provided on the ease of neutering your beloved pet to make the world safer, not to mention the animals, from mindless over breeding. To ?neuter? will eliminate the problem of overpopulating with it?s seeming ?global warming? consequences. However, if the Catholic church is dependent on more and more ?converts? like certain other religions who go ?berserk? when they get mentioned, ?be berserk? and avoid ?rocket scientist? status.

Life is full of choices, there are billions of kids now called adults who need that nurturing care which is wasted sometimes on the futures ?same ?ole same ?oles?, yes and, even the future suicide bombers! Let?s have more kids by ?superconscious selection? – no future converts please! (Stream of consciousness)

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