Raging Whormones

Raging Whormones
March 26 ‘09

Behind every debacle and every wonderment is energy, be it raw testosterone or testosterone with love and communication! If the average woman could spend a while in a man’s body, she’d not be so eager to run to the alter. Most females, particularly religious ones, are in a very thick fog of denial when it comes to knowing what a man is thinking and feeling regarding his ‘sexual energy’.

While a female often dreams of a home, children, and endless love, the average man is perhaps agreeing but has other thoughts on his mind of urges. Men don’t relish Harley Davidson motorcycles just because of the name! Men don’t climb mountains and, play or go to ‘war’ just because it’s a nice thing to do! Is it all men? Play ‘lotto’ and you’d have a better chance of winning than thinking there are many exceptions and, the reasons why some are exceptions!

All women should thoroughly know everything about her choice of a man even better than he does about himself. His past should be heard and understood with sensitivity and discernment as well as how he is in the moment. All aspects of has abilities to focus on love and his deep sexual energy and fantasies need be considered. Less is playing the ‘lottery’ to win, don’t get to attached to it.

The key is total communication and openness, with agreements, about what is and, what needs to lead to a deeper bond of trust and loyalty. ‘Truth by omission’ is bound to come sneaking in to shatter shallow beliefs. No one can be sure of everything about themselves let alone an outsider, but it does have great secure value. Humans have the capacity to utilize all the conscious possibilities available, one important one is to pay attention to everything that is in another’s consciousness and, ‘unconsciousness’. Life is best being close to love and the communication that ensues.

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