G o d S c a n d a l

March 21, 2009

This whole God-religion business is SHALLOW! Teflon! Words about words, so as to ‘belong’ to a group. On Wall St., men all wear suits and acceptable shirts and ties to make a statement of being part of ‘the group’ that can be ‘trusted’. Same with all religions, except it’s word’s and, at best, a 2 second hug with pats on the back while the men look around for a pretty female that they can ‘mix with’.

Put the ‘god lovers with the atheists’ in one dump truck, sending it out to the local garbage dump and, you’ve got….MORE GARBAGE! Religion is mostly about words. Those who have the words memorized or concepts down ‘pat’, rule the roost while the shallow butts that fill the seats (called pews!) restlessly wait for the ‘bank’ to be passed around for purse and wallet opening time. That’s the ‘let go’ and thank you ‘shallow god’ from one of your shallow devotees!

Real religiousness happens in beds! Sometimes it’s a sick bed, death bed, dream bed or, love bed! It’s where the feelings of ‘godliness’ (apart from all ‘gods’) fills the hearts and spirits of all. There are NO scriptures for it – no bibles or holy books, just love and life with the sometimes frequent visitor called ‘fear’.

The ‘fear’ visitor, often called ‘God’ or Allah is a mind control device to give the believers hope in a fictional, shallow heaven which is a ‘Disneyland theory’ at best. Heaven is ‘choosing’ the best direction at all moments no matter how challenging. ‘Heaven’ reaches down to lift up all. That heaven is the ‘soul of life’ that’s very real and undeniable to everyone. God and religion are words about words that disappear in the great moments of life and living. (Stream of Consciousness)

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