Allah? God? Life!

1st Day of Spring, 2009

Atheists? Three of the four are ‘illusion based’, living in the shadows of life. Life has infinite dimensions, changes and challenges. Believing in ‘god or denial there of’ is missing the obvious hidden in plain sight – LIFE and, it’s partner, LOVE! No words necessary for the truth, just words to point and express the best direction.

Who would choose god or allah over life and love? God and Allah are puppets of the religious puppeteers to keep people coming to their temples, mosques, and churches, all with good intent but, for all the religions good, abuse of the mind, emotions, and soul are mixed in with it. Religious leaders rarely walk the talk of love and life, instead parroting scriptures long since revised over and over of words never reflective of the highest consciousness anyway.

Religions are primarily for the sick who seem to avoid life and love’s offerings in harmony. Sensitivity and harmony with all, opens up the nurturings of life. Religious leaders are selling what people already have in front of their eyes but for their laziness and insecurities, will follow along what seems to be the path most followed. Religions are a ‘patchwork’ of very different men’s thoughts from different eras each with their own issues. Religions are a ‘creation’ denying the evolution through which they’ve come.

To be free of the ‘polarities’ of religious doctrine, opens the opportunity to find the jewels of being free, authentic, and, finding a happiness that disappeared when submitting to a closed ended religious infirmary. The ‘end of life’ begins with religious indoctrination. The beginning of life starts with finding the sensitivities of the heart used with common sense to find best ways to adapt to life’s happenings and challenges.

Religions take away the need to think and live authentically for oneself. Submitting to an illusion when life and love are always knocking on the door, is to miss the point of our visit here on earth. Choose the truth, avoid beliefs.

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